Le Train du Pays Cathare et des Fenouillèdes à 500 m de l'hôtel

During your journey aboard the Train of the Cathar Country and the Fenouillèdes, make stopover in the municipalities which follow the line.

Through commented visits, through strolls, through tastings or through exhibitions(exposures), we invite you to discover the wealth of these contrasted lands consisted of vineyards, green valleys, desert trays and thick forests.


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Chapitre de St Paul de Fenouillet 1km de l'hôtel

Saint Paul's most symbolic building(ship) is its "Chapitre", classified as "Historic Monument", and especially the pinnacle of the XVIIth century which overhangs its chapel.

This collegiate church, very rich till the end of the XVIIIth century, was regrettably sold by auction in the Revolution and transformed into private apartments.

Important works of restoration(catering) are scheduled(programmed) by Ministries of Culture and Historic Buildings(Ships) as well as by the municipality to make him(her) find its magnificence of former days: the XVIIth century in all its magnificence, thanks to gypseries (stuccos) sculptured.

Pont de la fou à St Paul de Fenouillet 1km de l'hôtel

Roman bridge(deck) of passage between Fenouillèdes and Conflent or pours a warm source(spring) all year long

Gorges de Galamus 6km de l'hôtel

The grand site of the " gorges(breasts) of Galamus ", classified and protected natural site, was doubtless the Saint Paul's first inhabited place, our ancestors finding refuge in caves limestones which drill in this place the vertiginous walls.

Ermitage de Galamus 6km de l'hôtel

The natural caves of Galamus, " holy mountain ", became, from the VIIth century, a refuge for the hermits who built their modest cells(units) there, lived in the prayer and the abstinence and died there.

They placed the site under the protection of Saint Antoine le Grand, patriarch of the monks of the desert.

Aqueduc d'Ansignan 10 km de l'hôtel

The set makes 170 m of length.

In the highest, he is 15 m above the water level.He was built in the IIIth century, is relatively late for the Roman.

Barrage sur l'Agly à Caramany 16km de l'hôtel

This lake of dam of a surface of 450 ha for variable depths (to has 30 m) is situated in the Pyrénées-Orientales at feet of the massif of the CANIGOU (2785 m), in the valley of the AGLY.

This lake is fed by Agly, river of first category which crosses(spends) 2eme category in upstream limit of the dam there (where from a population of trouts on the lake).

This lake is rather young because it was built approximately 10 years ago.

Château de Quéribus 15km de l'hôtel

Down from its rock peak, the castle of Quéribus ( XI-XIVè) forces the admiration and invites the imagination.

Real eyrie, its strategic situation allows him(her) to exercise a remarkable surveillance(supervision) on the totality of the plain of Roussillon.

During the Crusade against Inhabitant of Albi, Quéribus shelters Cathars, it is the last bastion to fall to the hands of the Crusaders in 1255, eleven years later Montségur.

The castle goes then into the kingdom of France, under saint Louis's reign.

Château de Peyrepertuse 20km de l'hôtel

In some kilometers hardly of Quéribus, the fortress of Peyrepertuse stretches its long silhouette on a rocky spur of the massif of Corbières.

Contrary to her neighbor, she hardly had to suffer misfortunes of the of Albi Crusade and her endless retorts.

She did not more have to try during her history the events of the war.

Château de Puilaurens 20km de l'hôtel

Since its base 697 meters high, the fortress of Lapradelle-Puilaurens locked one of the doors of Fenouillèdes, on the verge of Catalonia and of Languedoc.

During the crusade against inhabitant of Albi she(it) welcomed numerous Cathar personalities.

Base ULM de St Paul de Fenouillet 1km de l'hôtel

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